ArtCrasher Kicks Off First Show in San Francisco

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 8.09.20 PM.png

ArtCrasher's tour kicked off February 7 in San Francisco. Our opening night drew nearly 200 people to SOMArts' Bay Gallery. Viewers got a look at the work of over 80 international artists from 12 different countries. Our show knew no limits. It featured work in four different art; Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography and Street Art. We also had San Francisco's Pete Doolittle as the show's live painter.

This first show was an experiment for us. It was a learning experience, a series of trials and (some) errors to see what works and what needs a bit of altering. The show did exactly what we had hoped. It created a night of inspiration and celebration for artists and all forms of Art. 

While we are still buzzing from the first show, we are getting back to reality to get our Los Angeles show underway. We will be releasing more information about our Los Angeles show tomorrow, February 18. Stayed tuned! In the meantime, let's relive our SF show a bit. Check out photos below.