I find myself in Midtown, Manhattan tonight. Its 12:40am, but my body is running on California time so bedtime is hours away. Frank Sintra is playing in the background and reminding me to do it "my way". New York City is a city of romance for me. I'm in love with its skyline, bright Christmas lights, broadway shows and its art scene. I even love the cold. It makes me stand still. I feel every one of my limbs move as it fights the chill that coats my bare skin.I roamed NYC this weekend without a map because no matter where I turned I discovered a new square, coffee shop or art gallery.I also discovered Art in the Parks, but that is a blog entry that will have to wait until I return to California.

I like being incognito and large cities grant me this luxury.During the nearly 6 hour flight to NYC, I came across some photos on my laptop that I've been meaning to share. While at Decompression in SF in October, I discovered the work of June Li.Li is an abstract artist based in San Francisco.

According to her biography, her work is inspired by "Her daily life experience: being in different places, a story from a stranger, a spot of texture on the street corner… all these big or small elements are the inspiration to her. Dripping techniques and organic shapes are frequently found dancing together poetically within her work. Exploring her emotion intensely or abstractly, as June’s appreciation for city life and humanity flows from her palette." I like Li's work due its colors and textures. These very aspects make her work bold and draws in the eyes of views. Check out more at http://www.juneliart.com/