Where is Banksy?

When we attempted to contact Banksy a few weeks ago, we received a quick response. "Banksy rarely, rarely gives interviews" the email read. We may not have been able to track down Banksy, but we were able to find some of his work in Chicago this week. Banksy's work is scattered across cities around the world. As a lover of street art who likes to get in as much art as possible during my travels, I find myself wondering "Where is Banksy?" each time I find myself in a new city.

My search for Banksy's work in Chicago lead me to find "Banksy-Locations" app. The app guides you to find the locations of Banksy's work from around the world. Its simple....



App finds your location: 


Allows you to explore other locations: 


Not Traveling? No worries. Check out the app's gallery of Banksy's work from across the world:


The app lead us to Fulton Market in Chicago. We found...