Banksy Sets Up Shop in Central Park, Does Anyone Notice? 

Banksy set up shop in Central Park yesterday. Authentic, signed, Banksy pieces were selling for $60 each. Pedestrians in NYC are constantly hounded on the street for a buck. You eventually learn to tune out sellers and have tunnel vision to reach your destination. The shop was set up from 11am-6pm. Between those hours, only lucky seven pedestrians stopped to buy his work. I say "lucky" because Banksy's work typically goes for a pretty penny. His piece “Bombing Middle England" was sold in 2007 for $200,000 at auction alone. I think its fair to say some buyers were oblivious as to what they were actually buying. A new homeowner from Chicago bought four pieces,saying "I just need something for the walls." I'm sure those pieces won't be coming off his walls anytime soon.