Banksy Strikes Again: Street Artist Announces NYC Show

Credit: Banksy. This second piece of his NYC show.

Credit: Banksy. This second piece of his NYC show.

We have just received confirmation from Banksy's website that it is indeed his work that has popped up on the streets of New York City. In fact, the street artist completed two pieces within the past two days, although one piece has already been painted over.

Just last week, a new Banksy mural showed up on the streets of Los Angeles with the words "October 2013". Curiosity bloomed with the sighting of his new work and many wondered what Banksy's plan for October entailed. Confirmed by his website, Banksy will attempt to "host an entire on the streets of New York" over the next month. The show is entitled "“Better Out Than In.” For your listening pleasure, he has set up a hotline for this show. Don't believe me? Well, just call:


We were greeted with "Hello and welcome to Lower Manhattan. Before you, you will see a spray art by the artist Banksy. Or maybe not. Its probably been painted over by now.." As BlackBook Magazine expresses "I promise, you wont be disappointed; a scholarly voice drone on about the meaning of each Banksy's street work. Be sure to press the right prompt - where you will momentarily be put on hold. Ironic humor."

Due to frequent copycats, all of Banksy's work in this NYC show will be confirmed by his new Instagram. Check it out here>>  Art Crasher will be in NYC next week. We will be keeping our eyes peeled.