Faith47 Says Hello!


A gift from South Africa arrived in my inbox today. South African street artist, Faith47, sent Art Crasher some previews of her work. The Cape Town based artist is self taught and finds inspiration from her own existential questions. Her artwork gives new life to abandoned factories, idle towns and broken-down cars. Her work touches on the destructive and creative meaning of human life. It often looks for the metaphorical meanings of words often associated with life: death and freedom. She says "My experiences painting on the street have bled over into my studio work and into these prints, bringing in the moods and textures of the urban environment as well as the scrawlings, sentences, poems and texts that are left behind by disenfranchised homeless people, stowaways and gangs tags that I’ve been documenting over the past few years.” Faith's work has moved beyond the borders of South Africa and is now internationally recognized.

Visit her site here to see where you can check out Faith's work in person. She'll be in the UK, Canada and Italy this summer. This October, Art Crasher will catch up with Faith in Los Angeles when she is featured in "Beyond Eden" at Thinkspace Gallery.