The Marriage of Art and Science


I never considered that art and science could form such a beautiful marriage until I saw Jonty Hurwitz's work.Hurwitz describes himself as an "artist scientist archetype".Hurwitz says he "discovered the very fine line between art and science" while studying engineering in Johannesburg, South Africa. His work touches on physics and explores how we perceive space. Hurwitz takes "an abstract object and projects an image which we can recognise as reality, knowing that that reality doesn’t really exist. His art challenges our perception of reality." 


You don't have to be an Einstein to understand and connect to Hurwitz's work. What was pleasantly surprising about his work was how it stimulates the viewer on different levels. Suddenly one can recognize how science can become art and how art can become science. Hurwitz and his work creates a beautiful dance between the left and right side of the brain. What is so intriguing about Hurwitz's work is it appeals to a wide audience. If you are science and number based, great, you can see his work through that lens.  If numbers aren't your thing (no worries, me either), there is an emotional intrigue than transcends and allows each viewer to form their own emotional experience and connection with this artist's work. 

Take Hurwitz's piece "La La Land" for instance. In scientific and humanistic terms, he explains how the piece looks at his study on "how data flows through the human corpus callosum. We all exist as split personalities: spiritual and operational. For those of you who understand computers, our right brain functions like a parallel processor. While our left hemisphere functions like a serial processor." 

If you don't share this scientific filter and that flew right over your head, the emotional appeal is sure to hit you. Looking at "La La Land", I immediately think of the id, ego and superego, an internal conflict you've surely fought many times.  To learn more about this union of art science, check out Jonty Hurwitz's website here>>